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Jose Silva’s Three Fingers Technique

A Physical Action to Trigger a Mental Response

There are many benefits to be gained when you function at your level. You can get them any time, anywhere, without having to use the standard three-to one method. The Three Fingers technique is designed for just that purpose. This trigger mechanism is a conditioned response.
Bringing together the thumb and first two fingers of either hand, or both hands, is the stimulus to trigger the alpha state, which is the response you desire.

First find your alpha level, and then lock it in with the 3 Fingers technique. Any time in the future when you want to access your alpha state, simply use the Three Fingers technique. To achieve maximum effectiveness, program specifically for the desired result. For example you can program to have better recall by using the Three Fingers technique when reading or listening to a lecture. Program yourself before the
lecture, stating what you are going to do, and the result you desire. 

You can use the Three Fingers technique when you are fearful in certain situations. You can program yourself that you will never be afraid in that situation again. Use the Three Fingers technique to remain calm. When you lose your temper, program yourself to remain in control of your emotions instead. You can program yourself to be more intuitive, more understanding, more persuasive and more loving, as well as less hungry, less nervous, less forgetful and less antagonistic. When you experience a mental state that you desire, including the one you enjoy while meditating, you can lock it in and access it for use later by simply putting your three fingers together and shifting your focus inward.

      Story of José Silva – The Man Behind Silva Method


Born on August 11, 1914, José Silva was a popular figure among renowned parapsychologists in the United States. During the peak of his career, he authored a couple of books to stimulate the psychic skills and IQ levels of humans. He named these books “Silva UltraMind ESP System” and “The Silva Method”. These books highlight the secrets to mental healing for individuals and people who know them by going beyond the scope of science.


Silva Mind Control Courses

Silva Intuition System

The Silva Intuition System Digital Audio Program is a multimedia home training program designed to give you the foundations of our mind’s intuitive abilities. It is one of the most notable work and the dream of Mr. Jose Silva. Spread out across 11 chapters covering the most famous exercises of mind empowerment: Why? Most of us believe that intuition is a talent. That only a privileged few possess the ability to ever fully realize their intuitive senses, and reap the rewards that come with it.

Silva Life System 2.0

Silva Life System 2.0 digital audio is a part of our flagship live seminar course. SLS teaches you specialized techniques to put yourself in greater contact with your true potential by training you to use guided imagery and focused awareness to achieve your goals. Topics covered include habit control, accelerated learning, intuition, healing and more. This program is about discovering your purpose in life and using your creative energies to fulfill this purpose. A life built around a greater purpose is a life that is truly fulfilling and exciting.

Silva Manifesting

Awakening the reality architect in you. Silva Manifesting Course : A BRAND NEW MIND EMPOWERMENT BREAKTHROUGH FROM THE SILVA METHOD. Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life with the Silva Manifesting home training program.

Silva Mind Body Healing

Silva Mind Body Healing is a course designed specifically to help with your physical, mental, and emotional health.
It encompasses all aspects of your health and takes a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

You Too Can Learn How to Activate Your Mind’s Natural Healing Mechanisms, and Start Improving Your Overall Health and Well-Being.

Silva Courses Collection

17 courses collection Folder

“Our rational mind is like a computer… The intuitive mind, on the other hand, seems to give access to an infinite supply of information…”


“About the Silva system, I would say it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer patients.”


“Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. Read it with a pen for underlining.”


How to do The Silva Mind Control Method?

At The Silva Method, we believe the key to the next stage of human evolution lies in the mind’s hidden potential. Our mission is to awaken this potential for everyone on the planet.


Since 1966, we’ve helped over 6 million people in 110 countries harness their minds and improve their lives in various meaningful ways. Through a scientific and time-tested curriculum based on the findings of our late founder Jose Silva (the man widely credited with bringing modern meditation to the West), we’ve helped our graduates spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional wellbeing and relationships.


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