About Jose Silva

Born on August 11, 1914, José Silva was a popular figure among renowned parapsychologists in the United States. During the peak of his career, he authored a couple of books to stimulate the psychic skills and IQ levels of humans. He named these books “Silva UltraMind ESP System” and “The Silva Method”. These books highlight the secrets to mental healing for individuals and people who know them by going beyond the scope of science.


Early Life

Following his birth in Laredo, Texas, José Silva spent his childhood in the same place. His family comprised a younger brother, an elder sister, and his grandmother. At 6 years of age, he started doing odd jobs instead of going to school. Despite no schooling, he learned to read and write by watching his siblings. He used to watch them when they did their homework. After that, he did a correspondence course until the age of 15. When he was 15 years old, he started repairing radios which helped him establish a successful business over the next 40 years.

After that, he joined Signal Corps. He studied advanced electronics, which helped him become an instructor. He resumed his previous business when he was discharged from the military services. Meanwhile, he was also responsible for creating a training program on electronics from the Laredo Junior College. He worked on creating this training program for 5 years and resumed his radio business once again.


His Career in Parapsychology

In the 1940s, Silva found techniques that could enhance children’s psychic abilities and IQ levels. This is the time when Silva’s parapsychology career began in the term’s true sense. Despite his background in electronics, he read psychology. Using the techniques of both these subjects, he started working on mind experiments to gain a detailed insight into the human brain’s electrical activity and alpha waves. His experiments found that the part of the brain that generates alpha waves is more vital than the other parts. Based on his understanding, he concluded that the lower electrical impedance of the part of the brain is what made it possible.

Initially, he began using hypnosis but switched to mind experiments in the subsequent stages of his career as he felt the need for more control over the mind for improved brain function. He found the mental training exercises the best alternative for succeeding in what he intended.


His ESP Experience

Silva came across his adequate sensory perception (ESP) experience for the first time on an evening in 1953 while questioning his daughter about her schoolwork. Silva reported that his daughter attained her “alpha level” and started answering the questions that Silva was framing in his mind. According to Silva, his daughter answered those questions before he could verbalise them to her.

When Silva came across his first ESP experience, the subject was already a hot topic for discussion. It happened primarily due to the published work by a renowned person named Dr J.B. Rhine, who belonged to Duke University. Silva notified Dr Rhine about his experience by writing to him. In response to Silva’s letter, Rhine mentioned that Silva’s daughter may have been psychic before the training. Following it, Silva started training the residents of Laredo. He taught as many as 39 residents of Laredo, including children and adults in 10 years.


Silva’s Method

In his career, Silva successfully established Silva Method. It is a method that involves the use of both the hemispheres of the brain for generating alpha-level consciousness through techniques such as meditation. The best part about the process is that individuals can follow it regardless of their religious faith. It is a universal method for people of all religions. If followed in the stated way, it enhances the psychic skills and IQ levels of children and adults.



Aged 84, Silva passed away on February 7, 1999. Before his death, he had completed his last work, “The Silva UltraMind ESP System”.After more than 30 years of experience with the original Silva Method.The original Silva Method moved many people from a “me-centered” approach to a “we-centered” attitude. One of the first beneficial statements was this: “My increasing mental faculties are for serving humanity better.”

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