“The greatest discovery you will ever make is the potential of your own mind.”

Jose Silva

A 50-Year Old
Global Organization

                                                     We believe the key to the next stage of human evolution lies in the mind’s hidden potential.
                                                                           Our mission is to awaken this potential for everyone on the planet.
                                      Silva Method is a program backed by Science and Research. We have spent nearly 50 years researching, 

                                          experimenting, and collaborating with leading scientists, researchers, and personal growth leaders.


Around the 1940s, Jose Silva led a program, the Silva Method in Laredo, Texas. His interest in psychology began in the US Signals Corps during WWII. This program concentrated on children to help them with their homework and improve concentration. A decade later, the children had better focus better memory, and well-developed intuition. This is how the Silva Method program was born – taught first throughout the United States, later propagating to other countries and translated into dozens of different languages.


Now talking about the Silva Method Technique

The right brain hemisphere is more about visual, intuition, and other processes. Whereas the left-brain hemisphere is associated with logical thinking and physical experience. Most people use the left brain hemisphere as the dominant hemisphere.


The Silva Method program includes Silva mind control, Silva method meditation, etc. These programs teach students how to use the alpha level consciously. At the alpha level, one can think creatively with the right brain. The left side helps in maintaining logic and rationality. Thus, improving concentration, developing intuition, creativity, and memory. The Silva method helps you in achieving goals in studying, health and healing, memory, and in learning ability – in most areas of life!


The brain frequency depends round the clock. While we are awake and active, the predominant frequency is around 20 cycles per second, known as the beta frequency. And when you are very relaxed or sleeping, the frequency is slower at between seven and 14 cycles per second – or the alpha frequency. With the Silva method meditation, your brain will reach even slower cycles, theta, and delta – delta being the slowest cycle usually reached during deep sleep.



The technique helped the trained people in gaining massive mental control. They could control their mind and channel their thoughts to bear positive and productive outcomes. The Silva method worked like a miracle for thousands of people as they stated that after the successful practice of this technique, they felt more relaxed, stress-free, optimistic, and had an increased level of concentration in their work. It helped them gain a calm mind and a happy soul. The method of visualization worked wonders in hundreds of lives and helped gain better health and improves creativity. Additionally, it also helps to overcome mental and physical challenges in our day-to-day life.

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