Silva Life System 2.0

The Silva Life System is our brand new, updated multimedia home training program designed to give you the foundations of our mind empowerment method. It’s like being at one of our world-famous Silva seminars – but from the comfort of home.


Spread out across 13 chapters covering 4 key areas of mind empowerment, the program contains everything you need to become a fully-fledged Silva practitioner

  $̶2̶9̶9̶     $19

Silva Intuition System

Human intuition is a trainable skill.

In fact, it’s more than trainable. It’s a natural skill that we’re all born with. The bond between babies and moms, the high creativity of kids, much of this is credited to our natural human intuition.

But something happens as you get older.

Society, schooling, cultural beliefs, our upbringing, all come together to cause us to ignore this sixth sense and function in a logical, 5 sensory world devoid of the power and dazzling creativity that comes from intuition. We each grow up as adults, handicapped from having our natural intuition, our third eye – permanently shut!


$̶1̶9̶9̶    $15  

Silva Manifesting Program

Awakening the reality architect in you.


Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life with the Silva Manifesting home training program.

$̶1̶9̶9̶    $15

New Mind for Prosperity

New Mind for Prosperity is an audio home training program that gives you advanced mind empowerment concepts, tools and techniques for engaging every layer of your being.

  • 8 modules packed with innovative tools to shift your mindset towards prosperity
  • 8 brand new exercises to rewire your subconscious and let abundance in
  • A workbook to help you integrate and elevate your learnings

  $1̶9̶7̶   $15

Silva Ultramind ESP System

  • Use your God given intuition accurately and reliably.
  • Have a reliable method to go into a deep relaxation state.
  • Program your mind effectively with your own statements for success.
  • Connect with higher intelligence who will always guide you in the right direction.
  • Reach and maintain a strong balance within yourself, your inner peace.
  • Prosper in business by being able to make better decisions.
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity.
  • Become a broadcaster of good vibrations to people around you
     and much more…

$̶9̶9̶   $14

Silva Mind Body Healing

You Too Can Learn How to Activate Your Mind’s Natural Healing Mechanisms, and Start Improving Your Overall Health and Well-Being.

11 modules packed with cutting-edge Silva content.The exact same optimized mind-body healing curriculum you’d get at one of our seminars.Immersive Alpha and Theta level meditations,powerful tips and guidance.


$̶1̶4̶9̶   $14


Silva Choose Success Master Course

Einstein claimed that he used only 10 percent of his mind, and the general public uses only about three or four percent. And that’s what this book is all about: learning to use more of your mind.

Learn how to unleash your Genius Mind with just a few hours of practice. The inner images you hold deep within yourself determine your outer reality. The Silva Choose Success Master Course gives you the tools you need to reach these deep inner levels where you can change your life for the better by simply changing your thoughts.


$̶9̶9̶    $12

The Silva Method Mastery

Tapping the secrets of the Mind for Total Self Mastery

The Silva method audiobook teaches you the lifelong mindtools to easily solve business and relationship problems,increase productivity,reach new goals,improve your health and lead a happier & more fulfilling Life.

Consists of full course audiobook and guidebook pdf,first classic audiobook by Jose silva,Laura silva and Robert B stone.


  1. Silva ultramind systems persuasive thoughts

 2. Silva ultramind systems intuitive guidance for Business Success



 3. Silva ultramind’s Mental video workshop


Buy 3 courses in 1 pack

$̶1̶9̶9̶  $12

Silva Peaks Seminar

Silva peaks live video seminar 8 DVDs set in Mp4 digital format

also 7 audio mp3 silva meditation sets

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Silva ultramind's Remote viewing & Remote Influencing

The Next Evolution in Mind Power
There will be times when someone is making an important decision … perhaps a life-and-death decision … and you won’t be there to help. At that moment, the only influence you will have with that loved one or customer or associate, when he or she is making a decision that will affect the rest of his or her life — and your life — is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. This unique mind technology will help you in every area of your life: health, relationships, business, personal growth, and your purpose in life.


  $̶1̶4̶5̶   $10

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Silva Method Mastery Home study

Silva Life System 2.0

Silva Intuition system

Silva Manifesting System

Silva Ultramind Esp

New mind for Prosperity

Silva Choose success master

Silva Ultramind’s Remote viewing & Influencing

Silva Peaks Seminar   

Silva Mind Body Healing +++

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